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About the Boots

You will have a BLAST of fun jogging or jumping in our boots. Rebound exercise work on the glutes, legs, trunk and abs. They fit like Rollerblades or ski boots & form fit to your feet through use.


Safe and amazingly easy to use!


In less than 15 minutes, you'll be bouncing and jumping to your own beat. Whether you are a seasoned weekend warrior or are just beginning to get your exercise routine started, these boots make the whole process easy and safe in an unmatched feeling of LIGHTNESS, POWER and THRILL. They will not only train and strengthen your core, legs and glutes, but they are the most exciting exercise concept around. Feel great while you get in shape. Use them indoors or outdoors.


Forget any other form of Aerobics with high and low impact that can damage your joints. No pain, no gain? That's nonsense. These boots protect the knees, spinal column and joints. They reduce the impact shock by up to 80% compared to conventional training shoes and unlike your favorite pair of runners, the soles are easily interchangeable.

Are you already an Aerobic Warrior?  Do all of your favorite moves with our rebound shoes, and discover new moves!


  • Burn up to 25% MORE calories

  • 80% LESS impact on joints

  • Flushes the lymphatic system

  • Increases bone density

  • Safe for Ages 6 to 90 years old; FUN FOR EVERYONE

  • Can be used on a variety of terrain such as gravel, pavement, grass, etc.



Running & Jogging: The boots were originally developed to reduce the impact stress on joggers' joints. They are suitable for the avid jogger, serious runner, or casual health-conscious exerciser.


Weight Loss: Ideal for weight loss; offering a bio-mechanically efficient low-impact environment.


Rebound exercise is incredible and fun way to reduce body fat, firm and strengthen muscles, increase agility, and provide an aerobic workout for the heart.  It provides an increased gravitational load on the body, strengthening the musculoskeletal system and protecting the joints from the chronic fatigue associated with exercising on hard surfaces.