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The collaborative advantage

There are certain situations where you cannot gain any advantage in competing. However, a collaboration can gain more value for both sides. A collaboration like ours helps us all target this new market, and helps us all reduce operational costs.


Increase selling Power:  Our consortium helps develop the brand, helps us all market coast to coast and helps everyone gain by it's growing popularity. Margins are preset so as not to cheapen the product or have our instructor/dealers compete against each other for product sales.

group buying power

Increase buying power:  Our buying power is increased by collaboration. The larger we become as a team, the more product we acquire, the cheaper the price for our instructor/dealers. Our instructor/dealers are not required to make minimum volume quantities when they order from BounceFitness. You get the same high volume discount on 1 or 20 items. Our savings from large purchase orders are passed onto every instructor/dealer.


A revolutionary mindset that combines competition and cooperation. This is a game changer

for this industry and a winning strategy for our team of instructor/dealers.


Our instructor/dealers cooperate with each other to help promote BounceFitness and at

the same time they compete amongst each other. Each offering their own unique style

to our program and yet they cooperate, help each other promote their classes, listen and respect each others business'.


In fact, we only enlist and work with those that share this culture.