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Welcome to the Ambassador Program

Bounce Canada Instructor Ambassadors are a select group of leaders from across our network who are making a significant contribution to our programs, and their community while developing advanced personal, professional and leadership skills. They represent and promote BounceFitness to current and prospective instructors, clients, and guests.


The Role

Instructor Ambassadors play a key role in a variety of activities, including:

  • New dealer orientation programs

  • Community Spirit events

  • Recruiting

  • The Rewards


Ambassador Instructors will be eligible for

  • A cash prize award of $500.

  • Leadership Training and Professional Development Seminars

  • New Recruits training and orientation; billable back to Stay-Fit


The Commitment

Bounce Canada expects that all Instructor Ambassadors will:

  • Contribute in a significant way to the ongoing development and marketing of our fitness model by having been given the "Major Fun" award on four (4) separate occasions and having exceeded cummulative rebound fitness product sales of $20,000 over a maximum of 5 years

  • Attend annual training sessions and the annual Leadership Retreat

  • Respect any commitments they make to Ambassador team mates

  • Is in good standing with Bounce Canada and is regarded as having complied with all his or its explicit obligations


Major Fun Award Criteria:

"Major Fun Awards" are awared quarterly.

  • earn 1/10th of a point for every dollar (ie. $1500 in sales = 150 pts.)

  • earn 1/2 a point for each FaceBook "Like" on your business FB page

  • earn 20 points for each public "demo" event you hold

  • earn 30 points for each Television appearance and coverage you land in

  • earn 20 points for each Newspaper coverage you land in

  • earn 10 points for each Radio spot/coverage you land in


The Bottom Line

Through their dedication, imagination and initiative, the Instructor Ambassadors are creating a legacy of leadership and success.